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About ERN
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Farming and Stakings
Frequently Asked Questions
General FAQs
What is Ethernity Chain?
What is an NFT?
What is an authenticated NFT (aNFT)?
Do you have an Ethernity mobile app?
Where can I find you on social media?
Where can I find the Ethernity Chain roadmap?
About ERN
What is ERN?
What is the maximum supply of ERN?
Where can I find the Ethernity Chain tokenomics?
What is the Ethernity contract address?
How do I buy ERN?
Account Management
How do I create an Ethernity account?
How to connect my wallet?
Is there a specific wallet I should use?
Can I claim an aNFT using a hard wallet?
How do I register for a drop?
I have forgotten my password, how do I change it?
How can I personalize my profile?
Is there a specific browser I should use?
Where do I buy aNFTs?
How do I buy aNFTs with crypto?
How do I sell my aNFTs on the marketplace?
I have won an auction on the Ethernity Chain marketplace, how do I proceed?
Where else can I sell my aNFTs?
Can I list my aNFT on Opensea?
Can I list an aNFT on Ethernity’s marketplace and Opensea at the same time?
How do I verify the authenticity of an aNFT on Opensea?
How can I send aNFT to another person?
Farming and Stakings
What is Stones Farming?
How can I start farming Stones?
What can I do with Stones?
How many Stones do we earn a day?
Can we buy, sell or trade Stones?
When is the next Stones event?
I can't see my Stones, are they lost?
What is the ERN Liquidity Provider Programme and how can I stake my ERN?
Does the staking work with Uniswap V3?
What is Fixed Staking?
What are the interest rates for Fixed Staking?
When can I claim the staked amount?
How can I claim the staked amount?
Does impermanent loss apply to Fixed Staking?
Can I unstake in advance?
Does the interest rate fluctuate?
How can I contact you for help?
For additional questions and/or concerns please feel free to contact us. Remember to include all necessary information using the template below:
• Email address
• Your Ethernity account username
• The type of wallet you use
• Wallet address
• aNFT collection and token ID
• Screenshots/Screen recording (if possible)
If your inquiry is related to an aNFT purchase, please define:
• Purchase form (CC payment/ crypto)
• Transaction ID
Frequently Asked Questions